Revised Hamlet Video Critique

This piece is a revised version of the Hamlet Video Critique in which we were assigned to watch several different film interpretations of William Shakespeare's Hamlet. The video that I wrote about was Kenneth Branaughs interpretation.
Critiquing Insanity

Boogie on Gypsy Woman

Boogie on Gypsy Woman is a poem based on a creative writing assignment that we had to do along with our poet research paper. The assignment was to mimic the style of the poet we researched. My poem is based in the style of Regie Gibson.
Boogie on Gypsy Woman

El Renacimiento de la Otra Figuracion

This is the Artist research paper, each of us had to pick a contemporary artist and research their art and their life. My artist was Jorge de la Vega from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am most proud of this piece as it was the assignment I enjoyed most as well as learned most from.
El Renacimiento de La Otra Figuracion

Blog Post

This is my blog post. This post is response to a prompt we were given on the class blog. The prompt asked us to analyze and look for evidence of Jane's masochism and self-martyrdom.